Find Your Giving.



Obtain Personal Revelation for Yourself

Take your questions directly to your Heavenly Father in prayer. Ask him, in the name of Jesus Christ, to guide you. You can learn for yourself – right now – how to receive personal revelation. And nothing will make a bigger difference to your life than that!

I promise you — not the person sitting next to you – but you, that, wherever you are in the world, wherever you are on the covenant path – even if, at this moment, you are not centered on the path — I promise you that if you will sincerely and persistently do the spiritual work needed to develop the crucial spiritual skill of learning how to hear the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, that you will have all the direction you will ever need in your life. You will be given the Answers to the questions of your heart, in the Lords own way and time.
When you know your life is being directed by God, regardless of the challenges and disappointments that may come, You will feel joy and peace.

– Russell M. Nelson
June 27, 2018






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