I've been doing textile pattern design for over 25 years. One of my best training experiences was a 1-year Apprenticeship under Shibori Master Tsuyoshi Kuno. I was also able to go to a Japanese stenciling (Katagami) class at University of Washington, where I met Indigo Master Arai Sensei.

I like to recreate historical patterns as well as modern repeats. My textile portfolio is located at


Some of my favorite patterns are BYU Logo Like Fans,
Toyotomi Hideyoshi Ring, Jewish Hearts Gray and Hokkaido Flowers on my spoonflower page.

Along with my computer-gernerated designs, I also shibori tie-dye T-shirts, Kimono, scarves etc.
Please contact me for custom work.

What I like about CG designs:
Alignment and colors are much easier to duplicate
All of the computer-generated images below are courtesy of Spoonflower.com

that's me and a great customer at the Shibori Matsuri in Arimatsu Japan.
(1st Friday and Saturday of each June)

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